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Fibre Optic Internet on the Costa del Sol – The Way Forward

Fibre Optic Internet on the Costa del Sol – The Way Forward

If you’ve been online for any amount of time, you’ll know doubt have wished that you had faster internet at some point. Web pages taking ages to load, video buffering, and if you watch your television via the internet? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Luckily, advances in internet technology are quickly consigning such issues to the past. Spearheading the advancement in broadband internet technology is fibre optic. Boasting super-fast speeds, fibre optic broadband allows you to browse the web, watch videos and play video games online faster than ever before. Even better news, fibre optic internet is available in Estepona!

One of the major benefits of fibre optic broadband over its “standard” DSL counterpart is the removal of distance from your telephone exchange as a factor. At present, if you have a regular DSL broadband connection, you’ll find that your internet speed will depend on how far from the telephone exchange you are.

Sure, some companies will provide you with an “up to” speed of a certain number, but your actual speed will be determined by where your nearest exchange is. Due to the method by which fibre optic broadband is delivered, speeds will not noticeably decline the further from the exchange you are.

Five of the top benefits of such a connection include;

Much faster download speeds: Compared with DSL broadband you’ll be able to download video and music in a fraction of the time.

Super-fast gaming: If your kids or grandkids fans of online video games, they’ll notice the difference in speed between a standard and a fibre optic connection. Lag times drop considerably, and online gaming is much more responsive and enjoyable.

A continuously fast connection regardless of who’s online:  In today’s world, most households will have numerous electronic devices hooked up to the internet connection at the one time. Be it mobile phones, tablets, laptops or video games, the speed of your connection will not drop.

Less likely to be affected by interference:  DSL internet can be affected by nearby power lines and even higher voltage electrical items in your home. These factors can result in slower speeds and even a dropped signal at times. Fibre optic doesn’t suffer from that issue.

No interruptions when streaming television. How do you receive your UK television channels?

A free to air TV service is by far the most cost-effective option, and coupled with a fibre optic broadband connection you can be sure that you’ll not encounter the dreaded spinning wheel of death, which signifies a drop in signal and buffering issues.


Fibre optic internet on the Costa del Sol is growing in availability and popularity. Why not speak with one of our representatives today and see what we can do to improve your internet speed?