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UK Reality TV Shows

Reality TV still seems to capture the public’s interest and even though shows like X-Factor get slated each year for their format, attitude to your contestants and putting through novelty acts, people still watch each week in vast numbers.

The ratings battle between X-Factor and Strictly heats up every year too and over the last few years, Strictly has been on top, taking the lion’s share of the live viewing audiences. But to be honest this data is hard to accurately measure these days due to people watching one show live and then using catch-up TV to watch the other.

Right now, X-factor is still in the audition stages and we are looking forward to getting past the judges houses and down to the live shows. That is when things get a little more interesting. Strictly on the other hand has already got to the live shows and participants are already getting voted off.

Maybe there is a cruel streak in many of us who sit in front of the TV shouting our discord at the contestants and hoping that they get voted off.

Of course, there are other reality TV ‘game’ shows ongoing right now too. The Great British Bake Off is steaming through contestants and The Apprentice is back on our screens.

Next up will be Celebrity Jungle and we are all waiting to see who will be hosting it alongside Dec. Will Ant be ready for live TV or has he still got some personal issues to overcome?

Expats needn’t miss out on all the fun of the UK reality TV if you are living in Spain. Our Internet based TV service uses a Mag Box which connects to the Internet to provide you with a huge choice of UK TV channels, films and boxsets.

So if you want UK TV in Marbella, Estepona or elsewhere on the Costa del Sol, take a look at our packages and we will have you up and running in no time at all.