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Expat TV Services in Spain

For many years expats in Spain have had it fairly easy when it came to watching all of their favourite UK TV channels. When SKY satellite TV used the former satellite footprint, the majority of people in southern Spain could pick up most, if not all of the free channels and any additional ones that they had subscribed to.

Now not only does the footprint make it impossible to pick up normal channels like ITV and BBC, it is getting harder to use the actual cards in boxes out here. There was a famous method that worked for years called card sharing, where the same card was essentially used for a number of different users. However SKY has cracked down on this too meaning many people were left without any UK TV.

So how do you get UK TV in Spain?

Well like anything in the world, technology moves on and with better Internet speeds being piped into houses via methods like fibre, watching TV via the Internet is actually better quality than it was via a satellite.

There are a few different methods of getting UK TV in Spain but the most popular and reliable is by using a MAG box which is connected to the Internet and your TV. Once you have been activated on a UK TV service like the one we offer, you then need to simply add a ‘server’ URL and you are up and running.

Then, depending on what subscription you have opted for, you will have access to all the current UK TV channels and Sports channels. With catch-up TV, video club and lots of box sets also available on the system, you will never need to worry about watching your UK TV in Spain again.

Can you get Scandinavian TV in Spain?

Yes, some of our subscriptions also include Scandinavian TV, Russian TV and more. This is not just aimed at the UK expat market, it is for any expat market in Spain.

If you would like to know more about watching UK or Scandinavian TV in Spain, just drop us a line or give us a call and we will be happy to talk you through the various options.