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The Benefits of Fibre

Why should you choose Fibre Optic connectivity?

Quite simply there are numerous benefits to opting for a fibre optic Internet connection as opposed to some of the former and more traditional methods. Speed is by far one of the main benefits. With fibre optic internet you can get much higher speeds, which significantly speeds up your online experience, plus you don't get as much slowdown when multiple people in your house connect at the same time.

Reliability is another key factor of fibre optic internet. Due to the way the technology works it is much more durable and weather resistant. Options like satellite for example can be heavily affected by bad weather conditions.

Businesses also benefit massively from fibre as their online productivity is significantly increased. Less downtime, higher speeds and better reliability all lead to a better top line.

Many businesses now use the cloud for data storage and this relies on consistent connectivity and good upload speeds. In addition, lots of businesses have now opted for VOIP (voice over IP) services for their phones, again reliant on good connection speeds.

Our lives are spent more and more in the online world and the older infrastructures have essentially reached their capacity for growth.

With kids (and adults) gaming online with people all over the world, this would not be possible with lower speed connections.

Here in Spain, especially here on the Costa del Sol, most people that had SKY satellite dishes lost the majority of their channels. With a reliance upon Internet TV for UK channels, fibre is a must.

If you are on the Costa del Sol and have not yet converted to fibre, why not get in touch and we can tell you the different options available to you. Click here to learn more about fibre optic internet Costa del Sol