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MAG BOX is essentially a method of connecting via the internet to websites – allowing you to receive terrestrial, satellite and internet channels – online. Connected to your router and TV.  It's the best and most reliable way to watch UK TV in Spain.

Electronics Experience can provide you with an MAG BOX which will connect to your router (either by WiFi, PLA, or Ethernet). This can then offer you access via the internet to websites for TV etc. and you never need to miss your favourite show and you can also access a 30-day catch up service. What’s more you can take your MAG BOX with you anywhere in the world, so wherever you have internet you will have access to you’re favourite TV sources. Now you know where to come to get UK TV on the Costa del Sol, online!

Benefits of choosing a MAG BOX
  • Simple to install set top box – simply plug in & play. Normally our technicians do this for you
  • You can access UK free to air, Irish, Scandinavian and Russian TV channels and radio stations
  • Excellent picture quality and stable service
  • 30 day catch up

Electronics Experience MAG BOX SERVICE & IT Back up Service
With a MAG BOX you now use your internet to connect to services for as short or as long a time as desired. 1 month or 1 year.

How can you get connected to a MAG BOX?
You need an Internet source in your home via a telephone landline and ADSL internet with at least 3 megabytes per second constant download speed, or Fibre optic internet, 4 G internet. Or our EXP-AIR internet service (You can check your internet speed on
Then all you need to do is contact Electronics Experience and we’ll do the rest. If you don’t have internet, contact us to request one of our internet services that is available in your area offering the best speeds (maybe your neighbours could do a speed test)....whichever way you decide we can normally offer you an internet solution.

Some services available to you through your MAG BOX
Basic free to air, Box sets, Documentaries, Radio, 30 days catch-up, and Recording. Click here for more information.

Basic free to air, Box sets, Documentaries, Radio, 30 days catch-up, and Recording, Plus Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish channels or Russian. Click here for more information.

Get Scandinavian TV Abroad - See the Scandinavian channels list. Click here for more information.

Get Russian TV in Spain - See the Russian TV Channel list Click here for more information.

Through your MAG BOX You can also connect to French, Dutch, German, Belgian & Italian.

IPTV Tech Team

Having our technicians always available and our I.T. helpline close at hand gives you peace of mind

Find out more about UK TV in Spain

(We also have the full manual in English for your MAG box so just mention in this form and we will send you it in PDF format)

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